What We Offer at Corinthian Cove

Experience. Vision. Execution.

We are different from other consulting firms. Our “stable of experts” combines a varied array of expertise with considerable hands-on industry experience. We work with your internal staff to analyze a problem, recommend solutions, and Implement them. One of our primary partners takes the lead on each assignment, calling on members of our stable of experts to address specific needs.

We know how to do it, because we’ve done it; whether the challenge is charting a course for your future, analyzing the salability of your product line, training your professional staff, helping you evaluate existing talent, or recruiting new members of your team.


  • Identifying and developing your value proposition
  • Branding
  • Strategic planning and tactical execution
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Analysis of product offerings, markets, and staffing
  • Succession Planning
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Lift-Outs


A forensic analysis is conducted of all areas related to sales and marketing: staffing, calling metrics, territory management, written materials, sales support, product salability, presentation skills, etc.

The goal is to ascertain whether the distribution effort is operating at maximum efficiency and provide specific recommendations to improve the effort. If desired, our team will engage in the implementation of these recommendations.


No matter how good your products and performance, if your investment professionals are unable to connect with their audience; you will fail to win new business competitions and risk retaining clients during the inevitable periods of underperformance.

Strong presentation skills training is not “one size fits all.” Our experienced trainers identify and strengthen each professional’s presentation skills through role-playing and extensive one-on-one video feedback. Portfolio managers, salespeople, and client service professionals benefit individually and as teams from their ability to communicate more effectively.


The success of an investment management firm is a reflection of the quality of its professional staff and its culture. The competitive landscape does not allow tolerance for “underperformers.” At times, difficult decisions need to be made to move a firm forward. Our experienced, expert talent recruiters specialize in the investment management industry and feature vast networks to help firms fill specific needs.

Training and development of sales and client service teams is offered by our recognized leaders in this field. Their accomplishments and “hands-on” experience offer a credibility and perspective that can only be gained from decades of battle-tested involvement.


Corinthian Cove Consulting offers intensive training for institutional investment management sales executives and consultant relations professionals. This unique, 2-3 day program is conducted either in a client’s offices or off-site in a training center.


  • Getting the appointment
  • Characteristics of a “Blue Chipper”
  • Territory management
  • Solution selling skills
  • DISC Workplace Personality Assessment
  • Presentation skills with video playback
  • Final presentation Do’s and Don’ts Q& A and closing skills


  • Effective follow-up: Beating the Melt
  • Key ingredients of superior client service
  • Pro-active vs. re-active client service
  • Cross-selling
  • Dispute resolution
  • “Dialoguing” techniques to diffuse tension
  • DISC Personality Assessment


“Playbook” development is a collaborative and dynamic process with our clients creating a comprehensive, integrated and detailed document which standardizes the fundraising process across products, regions, teams, target markets, channels and decision makers.

The “Playbook” sets objectives and goals, outlines territory management standards, develops templates to market effectively, creates sales tools / marketing materials, establishes metrics for sales and sales management with associated Compensation / Incentive Plan Structures, then conducts training for existing teams and onboarding of new hires.

  • Qualify Your Territory
  • Developing Leads / Prospecting
  • Getting The meeting
  • Pre Meeting Planning
  • The Meeting
  • Post Meeting
  • Closing, On Boarding, Client service and Cross-Sell


Your sales team is complaining that they have nothing to sell. Your investment teams are complaining that their products are not getting the sales attention that they deserve. Our Product Salability Study provides the framework to solve this dilemma, and create a clear path for current and future product sales efforts.

The Salability Study analyzes the salability of each investment product against a backdrop of current demand in the marketplace. Each product receives a quantitative score on 10 factors, and the total score reflects the salability of the product. This figure is now overlaid with the current demand for that product. The higher the score and the greater the market demand, the greater the salability of a product. The end-result is a schematic that clearly displays the relative attractiveness of your product offerings and a roadmap for your product marketing efforts


Have you answered the most important question, “Why should someone invest with us?” The answer to this question is your value proposition and the core component of your brand identity.

Are employees and external constituencies able to identify your brand and its qualities? Is your brand inculcated into everything you do? Are your marketing materials impactful and effective – from your website, to your overview brochure, to your product fact sheets, to your final presentations? Are your advertising and PR programs delivering for you?

We will work with your internal teams and provide answers to these questions and recommendations for improvement.