About Corinthian Cove Consulting

Experience. Vision. Execution.


Since 2005 “About Us” is really all about YOU: your firm, your objectives, your challenges, and how we can put our experience to work helping you achieve your goals.

The Challenge

Every successful investment firm eventually reaches an inflection point, a time when continued growth and success require a clear-eyed, fresh assessment of where it is, where it wants to go, and what it will take to get there.

As the old saying goes: it isn’t difficult to drive a car at 90 miles an hour. It isn’t difficult to change a tire. What is difficult is changing a tire on a car traveling 90 miles an hour.

Which is where Corinthian Cove Consulting comes in.

The Solution

We are different from other consulting firms. Our “stable of experts” combines a varied array of expertise with considerable hands-on industry experience. We work with your internal staff to analyze a problem, recommend solutions, and Implement them. One of our primary partners takes the lead on each assignment, calling on members of our stable of experts to address specific needs.

We know how to do it, because we’ve done it; whether the challenge is charting a course for your future, analyzing the salability of your product line, training your professional staff, helping you evaluate existing talent, or recruiting new members of your team.

What makes us different

Other firms make recommendations, but are often not available to implement solutions. Our tagline says it all:

EXPERIENCE from those who’ve done it.

VISION to chart the right course for the future.

EXECUTION to make sure it actually happens